Mahtay Meets…

Mahtay meets Wood and Luxe, Phoebe Greenacre! One of our favourite travel and wellness bloggers! We asked her top health tricks and advice on living a healthy lifestyle!

What health rules do you swear by?

​Listen to your body and rest more than you need it.​

Do you follow a certain diet or have a certain approach to food?

​I’m mostly vegetarian with fish/seafood if I am near the sea. I try to eat whole/clean foods 90% of the time and allow myself a treat over the weekend.​

Do you have a favourite workout? 

​Being a yoga teacher – I love my yoga. However I do love a 1Rebel workout, mega reformer at Lagree Studio and I love a Ballet Barre class too.

What is your guilty pleasure?

​ I love a glass of Malbec and some good chocolate as a treat. ​

Any advice for people trying to stay motivated this January with living a healthy active lifestyle?

​Don’t go cold turkey with everything. Pick one goal a week and stick to it and make sure you reward yourself at the end of the week.

What are your go to work out clothing brands?

​ I love Sweaty Betty and Vie Active.​

Are there any wellness or fitness retreats that you want to visit or recommend?

​I am teaching yoga at a fitness retreat in Crete over the Easter break in April. It’s going to be ace! Beachfront location, detox wellness chef and endless amounts of hiking, yoga and fitness activities. Not to mention the massages!​

​Mention PHOEBE for £100 off your booking.

Is there anywhere you are desperate to visit in 2017?

​ I’m so desperate to visit the Caribbean. It’s been on my list for a few years now so I’m hoping to cross it off this year

Your favourite holiday destination?  

​I’m a sucker for a sailing holiday. ​Whether it be Greece, Croatia or Turkey, I love seeing a country on a yacht.

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