A trip to google

This week the team headed down to Google at Belgrave House to give those hard working Googlers the perfect afternoon pick me up!

The hero ingredient in Mahtay, yerba mate originates from Argentina, being high in natural caffeine one bottle equates to the same caffeine content as a espresso shot. Thanks to the coconut water and acai berries Mahtay is super refreshing and hydrating, resulting in the perfect afternoon pick me up! Only 45 calories per bottle it is a healthy alternative to your typical on the go drinks.

We treated Google to an ice cold Mahtay after lunch, and had a great time meeting and chatting to everyone that came over to say hi.

We hope to come back and visit soon and provide those googlers with that much needed energy boost!

If you want to try the amazing benefits of Mahtay for yourself, you can buy online here!

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