Get Fired up for Fashion Week

Mahtay helped keep models hydrated and energised during the weeks leading up to London Fashion week by teaming up with Model Village, 1Rebel and TenPilates.

The leading studios turned into model training grounds in the lead up to Fashion Week. The models took part in the toughest workouts these studios had to offer in preparation.


1Rebel offered two of their bespoke sessions RUMBLE and RESHAPE. Their signature Rumble class consists of an exhausting cardio and boxing mix! Their Reshape class mixes treadmill work with circuit workout moves, making it an equally tough session.

TenPilates also offered their signature classes to get the models ready.

After these amazing workouts, the models rehydrated in the best way possible, by grabbing themselves a Mahtay! High in natural caffeine, Mahtay is perfect post workout to give you the pick me up you need!

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