Mahtay Meets…

Mahtay meets London Fitness Guy, James Stirling!

James is a personal, Fit Bit Ambassador and personal trainer for the X-Factor. The team caught up last week to ask our burning questions around his fitness and health routines!

What is your daily/weekly fitness routine? Do you mix up? 

I try to maintain a flexible approach to fitness and keep my exercise varied. This year I became an Instructor at Ride Republic and have found it to be a great way to burn fat and improve my fitness through an intense 45 minute workout. The best training method for me is to combine a gym-based weights routine with some cardiovascular work for my fitness and health. I tend to weight train 3 times a week and with clients too which is helpful for keeping fit but leaves me starving!

What health and fitness rules do you swear by?

I am a big believer in making fitness enjoyable but not an obsession. Being healthy and exercising regularly should not hinder you from doing the things you love and eating foods you like. The general rule I swear by is to make fitness part of your lifestyle, but not let it absorb your lifestyle!

Do you follow a certain diet or have a certain approach to food? (i.e. Vegan, Paleo etc)

I have an incredibly relaxed approach to diet these days in terms of the foods I will restrict. I aim for consistency these days and tend not fluctuate in my weight. I like to look and feel athletic and fuel my body like a sports person would, plenty of vegetables, fruit, protein, carbohydrate and fat sources!

Do you have a favourite workout?

I love HIIT workouts and this year launched my own HIIT Camp which takes place in Battersea Reach. What I like about HIIT is the short amount of time you need to work up a sweat and burn fat.

This year I will be running the Paris Half-marathon with Fitbit which will take me out of my comfort zone, I have never been one for long distance but I shall keep you updated on how I get on.

Are there any new fitness trends catching your eye?

Fitness in London is generally amazing and it’s great to see so many individuals and trainers being so supportive of one another. Particularly with females, there are loads of inspiring trainers that are promoting healthy lifestyles the right way and building communities of women looking to follow in their footsteps. I regularly follow individuals such as Zanna Van Dijk and Clean Eating Alice who are sending out a brilliant message! That’s probably the best trend to have come out of 2016.

Where are you favourite places to eat in London?

I am definitely a Brunch person when it comes to eating out in London – Hally’s is one of my favourites! If you are looking for a coffee and cake however, Cake Boy in Battersea Reach is amazing. If you are looking for healthy food on the go, there are so many placed in London to pick up something that meets your needs.

Follow James on Instagram @london_fitness_guy and take a look at his website too book in for a session and to catch up on all his latest news !

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