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This week Team Mahtay caught up with Fit Foodie London A.K.A Jessica Allen. Jess is a personal trainer and lover of all things health and fitness.

We asked her all things health and fitness to help kickstart out new year health kick!

What is your daily/weekly fitness routine? Do you mix up?

I try to train five times a week, usually Monday – Friday. Each day I will do something different, and work different areas of the body to keep it interesting, as well as to give my body / muscles some recovery time. Each week I aim to do two HIIT workouts, two strength / weight bearing workouts and a dedicated cardio day. I usually do a big leg day / glute workout on Wednesdays, and upper body on Thursdays.

What health and fitness rules do you swear by?

Be consistent, keep it varied and have fun!

Variation for me is key as this is what keeps me interested and motivated. If you do the same thing everyday, you’ll lose interest and struggle to see real results / changes. You should challenge yourself and mix it up, whilst having some fun. If you don’t enjoy something, you won’t do it. If you keep it varied and find exercises and classes you enjoy, you’re more likely to stay on track, be consistent and see those results.

Do you follow a certain diet or have a certain approach to food?

I have a balanced approach to food and just try to make healthy choices wherever possible. I am a pescatarian (I eat fish but not meat), so I have to work harder to keep things varied and interesting for myself. I don’t count calories, macros or follow a specific diet. I try to make healthy choices 80% of the time, ensure I’m getting enough of the nutrients I need, and allow myself a little bit of what I fancy now and then. The weekends are when I tend to treat myself a bit more!

Do you have a favourite workout? 

I absolutely love mixing HIIT with low – medium strength training. Most of my workout videos combine short bursts of cardiovascular exercises with weights. I personally find this most effective for burning fat and toning up.. and it’s much more fun then pounding the treadmill for an hour.

Is there a particular class or club that you enjoy?

I don’t tend to do classes as I love creating and doing my own workouts, however, I have a been to a few KOBOX classes (boxing and HIIT) recently which I absolutely loved. Also, PHIIT London are amazing and combine HIIT with pilates. The instructors at both are brilliant. The classes and studios next on my hit list are Heartcore, Core Collective and The Method Movement.

Are there any new fitness trends catching your eye?

Studios and classes who combine the HIIT principle with another sport / exercise method are hugely popular. Like KOBOX and PHIIT, and places like Barrys Bootcamp, Best Bootcamp, Heartcore etc.

What is your guilty pleasure? is there a food or drink that you always allow yourself?

I adore Italian food, especially pizza. If I go out for food and there’s pasta or pizza on the menu, I’m all in. I also do love a glass or two of wine and a good Gin & Tonic.


Check Jessica out on Instagram @fitfoodielondon and take a look at all her easy to follow gym routines!!

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