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Mahtay meets The Healthy Body Kit! We caught up with founder, Lisa. Giving us an insight into how The Healthy Body Kit came about.

What inspired you to set up the box? 

The Healthy Body Kit actually grew out of another idea and then after some thought developed into a Health Box. Being a keen lover of all things healthy I have been known to spend a small fortune every time I step into health shops as I get super excited when I see new brands and products I’ve not tried. Sometimes this is great but quite often I found myself spending quite a lot of money on products which when I got home I didn’t actually like. With this in mind I thought it would be a great idea to have the option to try a variety of new products at a reduced cost which is what The Healthy Body Kit offers.

How does the box work? 
Our website has a selection of 18 products to choose from and each person picks 6 products for their box, we then add one surprise product to total 7 products for a one off price of £16.99 plus postage.
What are your rules for healthy living?
My main rule for living healthy is balance. I think it’s so important to have fresh whole foods in your diet and I will always base my daily meals around this. However I do love a sweet treat and a glass of wine on the weekends!  I workout quite a lot so it’s really important that I fuel my body with the right nutrients. I don’t eat meat but love fish and I always cook meals from scratch to minimise processed food in my diet.
What are your favourite skincare products?
Skincare – I have a cupboard full of products and I like to change my routine every few days. I love Terre Verdi oils -the facial serum is amazing as is the yoga and sport oil. I also love Green People moisturiser and sun protection cream. I always use organic sunscreen and theirs is by far the best one I have tried.
Do you have any advice for people starting their health and fitness journey?
My advice for people starting their healthy journey is to take it one step at a time. Making lots of changes at once often results in people feeling like they are restricted and on a diet…diets never last! It’s important to adopt healthy lifestyle changes rather than faddy diets or to make massive changes all at once. If the end objective is to lead a healthier lifestyle making small changes over 6-12months is much more achievable. I would also say don’t compare yourself to other people, as everyone’s journey is different and one person’s idea of healthy may not work for the next person. It’s important to measure your progress by what you achieve rather than how you compare to someone else.
Do you have a daily/weekly fitness routine?
I LOVE to exercise! I qualified as a Fitness Instructor 8 years ago and have been teaching Dance Fitness Classes in London alongside my full time job. I teach 3 evenings a week at Dance Attic Studios which provides me with plenty of cardio for the week. I then also like to fit in some weight training twice a week and have really noticed the difference in my body shape since working with a qualified PT. I love Yoga, but unfortunately haven’t had much time to practice recently – something I need to work on!
What’s your favourite workout brand? 
My favourite workout brand…tough question as I love so many brands at the moment. I’m completely obsessed with gym leggings and have about 35 pairs in total now! I love LIVE! They are a Brazilian brand and have a shop on Kings Road Chelsea as well as an online store. They also have amazing beachwear as well as really great active wear!
Check out The Health Body Kit at, you can also follow them on Instagram @thehealthybodykit and Lisa @la_la_lisa_land !

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