Check us out in Lifebox

Exclusive for the month of July we will be included in Lifebox.

If you haven’t heard of them go and check them out NOW!

If like us you are into healthy snacks, then Lifebox is perfect for you. They provide their customers with the latest super health foods, clean eats and refreshments, plus providing a convenient and affordable way of discovering new and delicious whole foods!

For those of you with busy on the go lifestyles, Lifebox gives you the chance to take your goodies with you travelling, to work, or keep some ingredients at home to incorporate into your homemade healthy cooking and baking and the boxes can get delivered to your office or straight to your home.

For those of you living that busy lifestyle you don’t need to worry as this month Lifebox has included Mahtay, the perfect drink for those living hectic full on lives. You’ll be thankful for the perfect pick me up placed within your box!

Make sure you pick up your everyday wellness box or the mini box for your Mahtay!


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